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Condominium Specialty Professional Roofer in Ohio

Here at Owen's Roofing & Construction, we’ve helped thousands of property owners in Canfield, Ohio, Boardman, Ohio, Youngstown, Ohio, and all surrounding cities file insurance claims for a stress-free repair process from the beginning to end. We’re your family-owned roofers specializing in condominium roofing all across Ohio. Your homeowner’s insurance company may front the money for your condominium roof repair depending on when and how the damages occurred. Our team gets you back up and running as quickly as possible without breaking the bank. Our specialists throughout Ohio are ready to serve all your roofer needs.

Condo Specialty Professional Roofer in Ohio

Depending on the severity of your storm damage, you may not be able to see the devastation from the ground. The easiest way to tell if you require our assistance is by calling us for a simple inspection after our severe thunderstorms all throughout Salem, Ohio, North Lima, Ohio, Ellsworth, Ohio, North Jackson, Ohio, Poland, Ohio, and its other surrounding cities. It's always ideal to file a damaged roof insurance claim within one year of the storm. The sooner our team can spot problems for your condo's roof, the more efficient we can be when ordering supplies based on your preferences.

Townhouse Specialty Professional Roofer in Ohio

Your roof is your townhouse's first line of defense against the elements, and rarely can you predict when your home will be hit by damaging storm weather. So what should you do if your Champion, Ohio home suffers storm damage? It is important to have a clear understanding of the proper steps that should be taken when the roof of your townhouse has been damaged and needs to be properly inspected. Our roofers can service areas all around Ohio including, Mcdonald, Ohio, Cortland, Ohio, Vienna Center Ohio, and so many more! Just give our team a call to talk to our roofer experts today!

Apartment Complex Specialty Professional Roofer in Ohio

The first step after you experience severe weather for your East Liverpool, Ohio apartment complex is to assess your damages. An approximate damage assessment can help you discuss your needs with your insurance company to avoid unforeseen costs or discrepancies. When looking at your roof to identify damaged areas, use a pair of binoculars. Estimate the general square foot and specific details of the areas that have been affected. Storm damage can be a complicated process, our team specializes in making it easy and streamlined. Our Ohio roofer specialists are ready to help you with your roof today!

Commercial Plaza Specialty Professional Roofer in Ohio

The roofers at Owen's Roofing & Construction have been serving our Ohio community for years, and we have maintained commercial plazas and other commercial properties. We serve many parts of Ohio including Niles, Ohio, Warren, Ohio, Howland Center, Ohio, Struthers, Ohio, and all their surrounding cities. We want to assist all your roofing repairs, maintenance, claims, and any other roofing assistance you may need, or even just a simple inspection. We are ready to exceed your expectations when it comes to streamlined, simple processes for all of your roof's necessities. Give us a call today for any more information you may need!





Duplex Specialty Professional Roofer in Ohio

Storm damage can damage a duplex roof in a number of ways, the most common here in Ohio are storms, high winds, rain, and falling debris. Hail and debris can also damage shingles, while high winds can rip shingles right off your roof. If you need an inspection of your roof after a severe storm and are in Columbiana, Ohio, or any of its surrounding cities such as Lake Milton, Ohio, Akron, Ohio, or any others, please contact our roofers today for a proper professional inspection of any damage or potential damage to your roof and assistance with insurance claims.

Single-Family Home Specialty Professional Roofer in Ohio

A hurricane, tornado, or even a strong thunderstorm can cause extensive damage to your Ohio single-family home’s roof. Typical homeowners insurance in Ohio covers damage to a roof from unpreventable incidences, like fires or vandalism. It should also cover unpreventable acts of nature, such as severe weather and storms. Every insurance plan is different, so if you are unsure of what your plan covers, we can assist in checking with your insurance company if you are covered. If you're in Boardman, Ohio, Salem, Ohio, Akron, Ohio, or any of its nearby cities, give our team a call for an inspection or for more information today!

Multi-Family Home Specialty Professional Roofer in Ohio

Some amounts of roof repair are inevitable over the lifetime of your multi-family home's roof. However, keeping an eye on your roof and making repairs at the first sign of damage will keep repair costs down and help prevent larger problems from developing. We specialize in Ohio roofs as we've been dealing with them for countless years. Our expert roofers have been serving cities such as Canfield, Ohio, Youngstown, Ohio, Churchill, Ohio, North Lima, Ohio, and many more surrounding cities. So, if you're in the area and are in need of roofing help or just more information, give us a call today!

Ranch-Style Home Specialty Professional Roofer in Ohio

One of the first things any ranch-style homeowner should do after a severe storm is a check for any potential roof damage. Even if you have no visible water inside your home, roof damage is still a possibility. Our experts have been experienced in Ohio's weather for years now, so we know what to check for and where. We service cities such as Cortland, Ohio, Struthers, Ohio, Lake Milton, Ohio, and many more of its surrounding cities. Sometimes, roof damage can be obvious to the naked eye. Still, you should take your time and look closely when assessing your roof's situation, and our team is here to help.

Commercial Building Specialty Professional Roofer in Ohio

A strong roofing structure safeguards your commercial property from the elements, but sometimes storms are so severe that they leave your Ohio roof damaged and in need of repair. Owen's Roofing & Construction are the top-rated roofers all throughout Ohio. We've been serving our Ohio community for years keeping a pristine reputation with every roofing project we manage. We service Poland, Ohio, North Jackson, Ohio, Champion, Ohio, and many of its nearby cities. Our repairs are completed using only top-notch materials and optimal industry practices, taking your specifications and requirements into account. Give us a call for all of your roofing needs.